Snap review: My putter

BigChainTheoryA friend on Facebook asked me today what putter I use, so I figured I might as well add my comments (slightly expanded) to the disc review category. I use a Latitude 64 Sinus SP as my primary putter. I find it hits the chains and drops fast (meaning those am-side putts tend to stay in). It’s a very over stable putter, so it also tends to grab the chains pro-side too (wanting to hyzer in to the basket). Unfortunately, because it is over stable it needs to be thrown hard to keep a straight line, and it tends to hyzer out just before the basket on longer putts. The bad–it misses, the good, being on a hyzer line, it doesn’t blow by long very often, leaving a short come back putt. While I use the Sinus as my basic workhorse putter, I also use a DX Aviar for anhyzer putts since the Sinus is too over stable to hold the line.

All that said, it’s really the throw, not the disc, that makes a good putter. Commitment and confidence, as represented by a firm putt, will lead to far more success than trying to nurse or guide your throw into the chains. At the least, you need to get enough spin and speed on the disc to let it fly on the intended line. Throw too gently, and you’ll never get the line you need to hole out.