Mundy Park Five Time

In a crazy weekend of wind-storm driven disc golf, the Mundy Park disc golf team won is fifth consecutive provincial title on August 30, 2015. Play had to be briefly suspended on Saturday due to a windstorm sweeping through the lower mainland dropping trees and branches throughout the course.

After day 1, Mundy Park held a commanding lead, with 13.0 points. The Islands were second at 8.0, and T-Town was tied with Queen Elizabeth, at 6. On day 2, Mundy stretched its lead to another  record setting final, winning 14 of 17 matches and accruing a total of 27 points. The Islands secured second place with 16.5 points, while Tsawwassen avoided the relegation match by outlasting QE, 13.5 points to 11. QE will seek to earn back its JB Cup spot next summer.

Coincidently, day 2 was also the day I turned 50–best birthday ever!