Perfect Putt 360

The premise behind the ap is that you practice your putt at increasing distances, to the magical 30ft (although it should be 33ft in truth, or 10 meters). You earn one point per putt made (double that at 30 feet) plus bonus points if you make your first, last, or all ten putts from 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 feet. The points system adds tournament-like stress to your putts (I have to make this one to get the bonus points!). A full round means you’ve thrown 100 putts, and a perfect score is 360 points. Do this daily, and I’m guessing (hoping) my putting will improve, in skill and under pressure.

The one draw back? The app doesn’t keep a running list of your scores, so you can’t easily monitor your progress. It is also only available on the iPhone (or so I hear), for a reasonably small fee. Still, a great ap!